Communications Journey through Media Production

Throughout all my semesters at St. Mary’ University, I had not taken a course like media production. Media production is a course I went in blindfolded and was afraid to discover. Now that the course is coming to an end, I can say that it has helped me strengthen my communication skills is the following areas: technologically, visually and interpersonally.

Technologically, I have learned to use a voice recorder with a lavalier. A tool I didn’t even know how to hold or turn on without assistance at the beginning. After learning to record, we moved on the editing on Final Cut Pro. A software that allows clipping, combining and rearranging audios and videos. The recorder helped me learn communication skills to better complete interviews. Some of the skills I learned are; having a good interview location that is free from external noise, maintaining eye contact with interviewee and using facial expressions during interview to show my interest. 

Visually, I have improved my skills using a digital camera. Having a camera doesn’t automatically make you a photographer. It takes time and a lot of practice to get the perfect shot. Some of the skills I learned is to take pictures horizontally and not vertically. Another skill was the 5-shoot rule: close up of hand, close up of face, over the shoulder, medium and a creative shot. It’s important to learn photography skills because it’s a technique to tell a story. All of these skills were used in the video creation for Taste of StMU

Interpersonally, the course has helped me grow as a person. Even though there were projects that I disliked, now I can say that I would have to change my mind. One of the projects that I like the most is the podcast/radio host package. At the beginning I saw it as impossible and there was no way I could create a 2-minute video that included; and opening, news brief, commercial, sports, weather, and closing. These skills, I can see myself using them in future courses or for enjoyment. 

Overall, the media production course has helped me learn new skills while sharpening my communication skills. Communications and media go hand by hand, a connection that helps people link. Media production is a sense of art, a course that was challenging, but grateful I had the opportunity to complete.

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