Empower to Grow

As I begin my last fall semester as a senior, I am extremely excited to learn new skills. Most of the courses I am taking this semester are fun and challenging. Media Production, Photography, Social Media Marketing and Asia Community are some of the courses with interesting projects. The aspects I am more excited about learning in this course are managing a website that features multimedia content and how to shoot, edit and produce online video story packages.  

The challenges I believe I will encounter will be speaking during interviews. I can talk all day, however, when I’m in front of a camera I start panicking. My goal for this challenge would be to keep practicing and trying to find different ways to calm myself.  Another problem I can face this semester is having many of my projects due at the same time. Therefore, I will try my best to pace myself and not procrastinate.

This course relates to my career because even though I am unsure in what direction of marketing I want to pursue, learning about media production will be valuable. Overall, I am extremely blessed to have this opportunity to take this course and I cannot wait see not only my own results, but also my peers.

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